Thursday 13- Disadvantages to Canada

23 Jan

Thursday Thirteen is a weekly meme with a simple theme: each Thursday you blog a list of 13 things. What kind of things? Any kind! Just come up with a list theme and run with it.

Today I thought I would look inward on my country and look at the disadvantages of Canada. In large these points are not very big but they are worth listing none the less.

  1. Cold winters: I hate the cold. Check out what winter weather hit Toronto in December. I do not think many would blame me for not liking the cold lol
  2. It is cheaper to fly to the US then to fly within Canada. A trip to Toronto would cost $876 while it would cost $538 to fly to Los Angeles. Same period of time, same airline, same number of transfers. I would love the chance to explore more of Canada but flying across country does make it more difficult.
  3. It STILL costs us more to buy books in comparison to the US. Chris Hadfield’s hardcover book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, is $28 US and $30 Canadian. Oh yes and it is published by a Canadian publisher -_-
  4. Access to digital content: No Hulu or US Netflix for us. We have a Canadian Netflix but it does not have the depth in the library as the US one. Also I often have troubles accessing extra content for TV shows (ABC, CBS, SyFy for example). I can understand why I cannot watch full episodes but what about extra content, like behind the scenes, trailers or interviews.
  5. Most of the TV we get is American ~_~ The Canadian TV industry is not on the same level of its US counterparts. I would love to see more quality Canadian TV series (like Continuum, Orphan Black, and Lost Girls) get developed.
  6. Lack of Canadian movies. See point above about Canadian TV.
  7. Contests & Giveaways: so many contests and giveaways I see online are for US citizens only. Whenever I see amazing contests, the first thing I do is check if I am eligible for it. It really does not cost that much money to ship across the border.
  8. When stupid crap happens in Canada, it seems to be rather huge and everyone in the world is talking about it. See the stupidity of Toronto’s Rob Ford. He is a nightmare many of us wish would just end.
  9. Summer Games: We SUCK at the summer games. We rock the house when it comes to winter events but we are terrible at the summer events. I would love to get excited for the summer games when it comes around, but I know what to expect of our athletics on the world stage.
  10. Our closeness to the US: we are often lumped together when people are talking about North America or the States. We are not the US! Different culture up here. Heck, even in Canada we have different cultures.
  11. Lack of options in traveling across great distances. No trains or subways. Unless you can drive, your options are either to take a Greyhound bus or fly. And Greyhound has been reducing its services. A girl cannot even take a train to Vancouver 😦
  12. As much as I love Canada’s acceptance of diversity across the country and within the diversities, it is hard to explain to someone who does not live here what is “Canadian” since a lot of things have roots in either US, Europe, or in Aboriginal history. It also does not help that what each region thinks of being “Canadian” varies. The page on Wikipedia about Canadian cuisine is a good example of this diversity. Warning: looking at that page may cause you to get hungry 😉
  13. Personally, I find Canadian history to be very dry and uneventful. Zzzzz~ I did not like my final years of high school history for that reason. Though part of me hopes that John Green does a course on Crash Course Canadian History because he makes history interesting lol

So my fellow Canadians, what do you think of the list? Agree, disagree? Did I miss anything?? I hope everyone has a safe weekend and I will see you all Monday!


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6 responses to “Thursday 13- Disadvantages to Canada

  1. sandy

    January 23, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    #10 Amen

  2. Norma

    January 23, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    Before TV went digital we enjoyed Canadian TV, although much of it was British. We noticed a real different between west and central and east Canada. My cousin lives in Toronto and she thinks Ford is doing a good job. His ratings are higher than our president’s. Great post–very informative. My post is up,

    • Cookie

      January 23, 2014 at 8:15 PM

      My biggest problem with Rob Ford is that he clearly has an alcohol problem yet refuses to step down so he can take care of it in private. No one likes seeing someone falling off the wagon when they are trying to kick the habit. Especially when they fall of the wagon in such a public manner.

  3. Shelley Munro

    January 23, 2014 at 7:58 PM

    Some of these things apply to New Zealand too. We have good TV and movies though and our winters are mainly wet, rather than long with snow. The conrst thing bugs me too. Try posting from NZ and you’ll see cost 🙂

    • Cookie

      January 23, 2014 at 8:13 PM

      Yeah I have heard about the cost of shipping things from NZ. And the cost of living in NZ in general. Crazy~~~

  4. CountryDew

    January 24, 2014 at 3:55 AM

    Every country has its own unique issues.



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