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Book Trailer Review: Some Fine Day

8 degrees hotter, 60 meters rising of the sea. Sounds like a effects of global warming seriously kicked in. It makes me wonder what areas got absolutely destroy and what areas thrived under these new global conditions, both in terms of the environment and humanity since that can be very different. I would imagine that any human colonies would have to go back to at least something familiar from the European Middle Ages.

I liked the foreboding feelings with the music & sounds of the storm through out the first half of the clip before the jump to the eyeball. It made me feel unsettled.

Now these book trailer painted in my mind a very different book then what the book blurb¬†on the publisher’s website does. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. The basic concept of the book reminds me a bit of Deuce and her world perspective from the Razorland series. Only instead of humanity nearly destroying itself and forcing people underground, we have nature destroying human civilizations causing people to flee underground. Just based on my feelings from the trailer, I would almost rather see a book that takes place only in this new world rather than looking at someone living underground before coming up into this new world. But this is just what I feel based on the trailer and the book blurb and I am not an author so what do I know ^^;

Release date July 1, 2014

Either way I am still excited for this book to come out, as I have loved other books Strange Chemistry have released in the past. I am really loving the cover on this though! So crisp and clean with the white background and it really makes the eye pop.

So what do you think about the trailer? What picture does it paint for you about the book? Does it match up with the description on the publisher’s website or does it clash in any ways? Tell me down below your thoughts and feelings

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